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Lab Pets


Executive assistant

Benny is the wisest (or oldest) executive assistant. Even though he has limited vision, he can't lose sight of his master, Dr. Head. He will bark, cough, or stare at anyone with his resting sad eyes in exchange for treats, pets, and attention.

Lord Zord

Lord Zord, also called Zord for short, likes to spend the days sleeping on the heating pad. When Zord is too excited, they will climb to the top of their temple and look down on all their subjects. Their favorite food is live mealworms, but occasionally they'll go for a cricket or two for dessert.



Truffle was born and rescued in Mexico, and was adopted in California. She is responsible for distracting lab picnics, asking for belly rubs, and guarding events from serious intruders like rabbits, squirrels, and lizards. Outside the lab, she enjoys naps in the sun, Pup-peronis, and chasing balls.


Jazz was born, rescued, and raised in Canada. She is completely fluent in English, French and Spanish. She loves attention, and if it weren’t for her human, she would attend and give her opinion in every zoom meeting. Jazz LOVES belly rubs, cuddling, hair ties, and sunbathing. Jazz came to California to start her career at Hollywood and get all the fame and glory she knows she deserves.